World Geography Ignorance

At church on Sunday we were all given an outline world map, and asked to write or draw in certain things. Instructions like “shade the area where there’s been a big earthquake recently”; “name three south American capitals”; “draw dolphins in the Indian ocean” and the like came up on the screen. Some were connected with missionary families we support (“draw a MAF plane taking off from Uganda”; “draw Dr Ruth in her clinic in Tabora”), but most were simply world geography. I was shocked at how bad I was at it. Some countries came up and I couldn’t even have a guess at which continent, let alone the location within a continent.

Fancy a go to see how badly you do? Well, I can’t give you exactly the same questions, but my wife found this online quiz which simply asks you to pinpoint counties. It’s frustrating because it doesn’t give you the right answers when you get it wrong, but it sure is an eye-opener.



4 thoughts on “World Geography Ignorance

  1. klarak

    I know this is a late comment but there is another site w/ online map quiz of each continent that gives the answers as you wished, and its really nice to play and learn… not only the country names but the Capitals as well … starting with Americas… then Middle east… Europe ..then Asia after that (when you get 100% on those) try Africa and also Australia/Oceania (those I think are the most difficult….almost killed me…LOL)
    The Website is:

    The one that I most liked was: Europe


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