Still reading. But what next?

About a third of the way through The God Delusion now, and am still pretty much agreeing with most of what Dawkins is saying. But I’m also beginning to get a bit annoyed with him at times. I’d expected a slightly more academic approach, but to my mind he seems to be meandering somewhat. Also, he’s beginning to get a bit insulting to those how have a faith. He doesn’t say so in so many words, but he often seems to apply that you’d have to by pretty stupid to believe this sort of stuff. Now I know that that’s, in one sense, the whole point of the book, but there are ways of saying things.

Andy commented that the God Dawkins is talking about is not the God of the Christian faith. I understand what he meant by that, and indeed it’s a view that I’ve had mentioned in an entirely different context once before (ie, not about Dawkins). Trouble is, in this context – and up to this point in the book – I’d say that Dawkins doesn’t claim to be talking about the Christian God specifically. It’s the whole concept of God, and the existence of any kind of spiritual realm, that he’s debating.

I’m enjoying reading it, anyway, and that’s a good thing. It’s got me thinking about God at the very least. I mentioned to one of my prayer partners (just about the only time I pray is when I meet up with two friends one morning a week before work) that I was wondering what to read next to get an opposite view. His suggestion?

“Well, there’s the Bible.”

Nice one Simon.


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