Thinking Spiritually?

How on earth am supposed to try to keep a record of what I’m thinking spiritually if I

(a) never keep a record, and
(b) never think spiritually?*

My spiritual life in the last few weeks. Let me think… I meet once a week with two friends from church to share and pray. I don’t know if prayer makes a difference, but at least it does give me an opportunity to pray. Let’s face it, it’s just about the only time I do, so thanks guys for giving me that space. And how often have I picked up the bible to read it since mentioning it here a couple of months ago. Ahem. I haven’t.

So, there’s a good positive update for you.

* After I wrote this I realised I’m not entirely sure what I mean by “thinking spiritually”. Perhaps I’ll work it out one day.


What do *you* think?

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