More time-soakers

My list of books to read continues to grow. I’ve now finished a couple from my earlier list, but more have appeared in the meantime. And right now they’re all taking a back seat to the newest Harry Potter, which I’m about half way through.

I’d probably have found time to read a lot more (and, hey, maybe even pray once a while) if I hadn’t discovered Flickr. And I thought facebook soaked up a lot of time! Last night I was browsing through people’s photos before going to bed, occasionally commenting on them, and annotating some of my own and suddenly four hours had passed. FOUR HOURS.


2 thoughts on “More time-soakers

  1. Trevor

    Finished it last week, Alli. Thought it was great, but thought the last chapter was utterly unnecessary and spoilt my enjoyment a little. The story ends perfectly at the end of the penultimate chapter.

    Ho hum.


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