Late nights

Well, the original thought behind this blog hasn’t come to much so far: to record prayers and answers. Partly because it’s difficult to record specifics without compromising the privacy of those I allegedly pray for, and partly because, let’s face it, there ain’t much going on in the way of prayer. And I’m not convinced I believe in answers either.

Yet again I’m sitting up far too late on my own while Rachael and Ainsworth are tucked up in bed – but am I doing anything worthwhile? Let’s think. I did a bit of ironing. I watched Jonathan Ross on the telly. I had a cup of tea. But mostly, the night has been spent – yet again – aimlessly browsing the internet. Some of my internet browsing is productive and educational (such as the excellent blog written by an anonymous fellow magistrate), but I have to recognise that much of it is just filling in time when I could be doing something at least vaguely useful. Hey, I could even read some of that Bible I was on about before, or even any of the other books I mentioned. (Having said that I have now started yet another book!) But no, someone recently introduced me to facebook, which has has soaked up far too many hours.


What do *you* think?

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