The Bible

Alli wrote: “Are you going to get through the Bible?”

Get through it? Sometimes, Alli, I can barely find it. ;o)

But, seriously: why do I want to read it? I have, after all, read it before. More than once in my life I’ve made it all the way through. One time, in a year: the other times (I think there have been three altogether) much, much more slowly. But reading it through is surely not the point.

No, what I’d like to do is to learn from it. For it to inspire me. Mostly, to meet with God.

In chatting to two quite different people about how little I feel I know God, their advice has been the same:

  • How do we know about God? By learning about Jesus.
  • How do we know about Jesus? By reading the bible.

Once upon a time I read my bible because I wanted to. I can’t ever say, as my minister does, that I was passionate about it, but I did read it and want to know more. Where has that gone?


What do *you* think?

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